Scanning documents

Sometimes on a desk or in closets and warehouses lies tons of paper, which the stack, covers not only the computer. It is worth would turn and move the image and substantial content, to information systems. This can be done with our help. We use appropriate production scanners and dedicated software, we can scan multiple pages in a very short period of time, arrange them on the screen and save them as files in single or multi-page, as the types of files: TIFF, JPG, PDF, etc.. Adding search software content we break free your company from defaulting stack of paper documents.

Within this service we can offer the following:

  • receive documents from the customer and to provide documents to the Client,
  • scan documents in our company,
  • scan documents at your location or another desired location,
  • preparation of documents for scanning - removing from files, removing staples, paper clips, and orientation of the documents, pre-sorting,
  • description of the documents or extracts data from documents,
  • create additional descriptions / indexes,
  • electronic recording of documents on CDs, DVDs, external drives or in the database,
  • long-term contract and one-time scanning.

To the work we use scanners that are able to process up to 240 pages per minute and work almost 24 hours a day, it is also called production scanners.

Our additional advantage could also be fact that we are the exclusive distributor of Miru Data Systems Inc. scanners, the same that we use when scanning services. Therefore, we have more possibilities to adapt to your needs.

On request, to the projects in which the number of scanned pages exceeds 40 000, we can, at a cost of the project, deliver and implement DOCUMENTS WEB CATALOG - DEDAL.

We invite you to cooperation